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Poetry Poster Project is an initiative that began in 2007. FEMRITE was supported by individual donors to start the project where she worked with poets and artists to create a collage of poetry and art. Poetry Poster Project 1 resulted into a collection of poetry titled Painted Voices Vol.1 which primarily targets secondary school level. This poetry is fused with art aimed at stimulating the mind. The Director of National Curriculum Development Centre, Ms Connie Kateeba, launched this anthology at joom in Kampala in March 2008. During the launch, she applauded FEMRITE for the original and relevant initiative.

In November 2008, Poetry Poster Project 2 begun under the theme; Jump. This theme resulted into an even larger collection, titled Painted Voices Vol.2 and it was launched by the Ambassador of Germany Embassy in March 2009 at a very colourful ceremony at Afriart Gallery.

Currently Poetry Poster Project 3 is under discussion with different stakeholders. A few meetings to introduce the idea to possible partners have so been held. Some of those visited include officials Onfy.de from the Education Department of the the Dutch Embassy, the Commissioner of Secondary Education in Ministry of Education and Sport, the Head of Languages Department Kyambogo University, and the Head of Literature and Language Dept at National Curriculum Development Centre. In addition, an abstract paper has also just been submitted to partners to advise on the issue. If the idea gets support, the Poetry Poster Project will be rolled out either to all secondary schools or to all government aied secondary schools in the country.

In the meantime Poetry Poster Project 4 has already started and this targets Primary Schools. Three workshops in preparation of this, have already been held, sponsored by NABOTU and FEMRITE.

During each Poetry Poster Project, FEMRITE conducts a Poetry competition. This competition has been attracting over 50 entries each year. In PPP.1, the overall winner came from from Kigezi High School, Kabale District. In PPP2, the overall winner came from Kira College Butiki, Jinja.

It is hoped that more students will participate in the coming projects!

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