The Readers Writers Club
The Readers Writers Club is held every Monday from 5.30 to 7.30pm in the FEMRITE courtyard. It is a cozy evening meeting that members look forward to every week.

The club is one of FEMRITE earliest programmes that started in 1998. It was born out of the need for members to discuss their work and get feedback about their writings. FEMRITE recognizes the input of Ms Claudia Blake, a friend of FEMRITE who offered space at Rwenzori House, for the initial club meetings. Membership to the club is open to both men and women who love reading and writing beyblade metal fusion toys by joom. You will therefore find many people at club but who are not necessarily members of FEMRITE.

Currently there is no membership and subscription fees to the club but members have the obligation to make financial and material contributions towards club upkeep. For example members contribute to the Evening tea or coffee that they take during break. Members also buy printing paper and contribute to photocopying expenses especially for club materials. All the contributions are according to ones financial capacity. This flexible approach is aimed at encouraging all interested parties to participate. Membership to the club is fluid. Sometimes you will find 8people and sometimes you will find 30 people. Members attend according to their availability.

There is a very interesting mix of the club membership. There are accomplished writers who just identify with the club and sometimes want to be part of the discussion, there are upcoming writers who are seeking to improve their writing and they are looking for people to read their work and give them feed. Also, there are members of the public and students from institutions of higher learning who are simply interested in literary discussions.

What takes place at the club meeting:
The Club agenda is close to this description.
- Informal chit-chat

- Information sharing especially on literary matters (Literary awards to apply for, workshops and other literary events to attend, new and interesting books on the market, literary projects in the pipeline, etc)

- Discussion of members' poems, short stories or novel and play extracts and magazine articles. All members read one piece and make comments on it. They talk about the language, theme, structure, etc). To make this a transparent process, names of writers are not included on the pieces that are read. The writer is only disclosed at the end of the discussion when he/she responds to the comments raised.

- Discussion of award-winning poems and short stories.

- Introductions (Because it is a fluid membership, there are most times new members.)

- Tea/coffee Break / Informal chit-chat

FEMRITE encourages more interested people to join the club. We can rightly say that the club has been the major training ground for most members of FEMRITE and other people who attend. For those coming to Uganda first time, the club is an interesting place to visit and feel the mixed literary vibes of Uganda.

Other major tangible achievements of the club are two poetry anthologies for secondary schools; Painted Voices Volume 1 and Painted Voices Vol. 2. These are part of the Poetry Poster Project (PPP) where Poetry is integrated with visual art to create poetry/poetic paintings.

Join the club now and be part of the PP Projects. The current PPP is for Primary schools.
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