FMRITE Launches new Regional Programme
FEMRITE organises the 1st ever Regional Women Writers Residence

Several dreams rarely come true but FEMRITE dream of hosting a Regional Women Writersâ Residence came true in November 2008. The exciting project that was conceived in May 2007 had to wait for several months before it could be implemented.

Special thanks to our partners - Commonwealth Foundation and Africalia, the two development institutions that made the residence possible.

From 15th to 22nd FEMRITE hosted women writers from eight countries â Yaba Badoe from Ghana, Betty Bakashima from Rwanda, Olivia Jembere from Zimbabwe, Colleen Higgs from South Africa, Mastidia Mbeo from Tanzania, Kingwa Kamencu from Kenya, Yemodish Bekele from Ethiopia, and Margaret Ntakalimaze, Alal Brenda, Connie Obonyo, Winnie Munyarugerero, Philo Nabweru from Uganda. Dr Helen Moffet from South Africa Facilitated the Residence. Helen is a natural teacher bts earrings from joom! Within the 1st hour of the 1st session, she had made all of us in the room feel like we had known each other all our lives.

The main objectives of the residence are:
a) To provide space for women to write
b) To promote intercultural literary discourse among African Women Writers
c) To create opportunities for promotion of new literary womenâ voices in Africa
d) To create opportunities for strategic networking
e) To celebrate womenâs literature
f) To generate stories and poems for publication

The residence was a success and one of the major recommendations that came out at the end of the residence was that FEMRITE should continue the regional residence as a bi-annual event or at least every two years so that more struggling women writers on the continent get the opportunity to participate and write those stories that need to be b12 ankermann 1000ug. One of the major hindrances to womenâs creativity is the lack of conducive space write. The residence gives women the space to write, to share their stories, to encourage and inspire one another and to rediscover themselves and to network.

FEMRITE is interested in getting in contact with other partners willing to support the residence as an annual programme! It is exciting! It is result oriented. It will make a difference in the lives of upcoming women writers of Africa!

The 4th FEMRITE residency for African Women Writers will take place from 13th to 25th January 2013 in Buziga, Kampala and is supported by DOEN Foundation, American Embassy Kampala, Ethiopian Airlines, Art Moves Africa and Rwenzori Water. The residency will feature 12 writers from eight countries across Africa.

Did you know that African children hardly have any reading materials other than textbooks? Even for textbooks, each book is shared by five children on the average. In empowering African women writers to write, you will be contributing to the production of homegrown reading materials for the African child.
Regional Residence Report [SIZE: 92.692KB]
Regional Residence Writeup [SIZE: 56.32KB]
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