FEMRITE programmes for 2009 to 2013 are in the areas of environment, Education, Health, Women's Rights and Good Governance further. All programmes are especially designed to meet the needs of women writers in Uganda to enable them make a substantial contribution to national development through their writings.

Programme One: Developing women writers
The activities under this programme include:
a) Holding Regional Women Writers Residencies
b) Conducting writing workshops
c) Publishing women's works
d) E-Publishing (Selected books and an e-journal)
e) Organizing a Short Story Literary Award
f) Training in presentation/reading skills, public speaking and personal empowerment
g) Training workshops on writing for children
h) Exchange programmes for writers
i) Appointing and training a new Editorial Board

Programme Two: Making Heard Stories of Marginalised women
The activities under this programme include;
a) Printing stories of Female Genital Mutilation
b) Launching the FGM Publication
c) Distributing the stories in areas where FGM is practiced
d) Holding public dialogues in areas where FGM is practiced
e) Participation in meetings on strategies to end FGM
f) Recording stories of women prisoners
g) Launching the Publication of stories of women in prison
h) Distributing the stories to the Ugandan Parliament and other policy makers and women activists
h) Recording stories of women experiences under environment and climate change
i) Launching the publication on climate change and its effect on women
j) Distributing the stories to policy makers and women activists and climate change activists

Programme Three: Establishing a Network of Women Writers' Associations in Africa
In collaboration with other women Writers Associations in Africa:
a) Convene a strategic meeting of African women writers associations on sustainability
b) Development of a work plan for network activities
c) Information sharing on Network activities
d) Holding joint exhibitions with other women writers in regional book fairs (Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Nairobi)

Programme Four: Marketing, Lobbying and Advocacy
The activities under this programme include;
a) Holding weekly Readers Writers Club
b) Advocacy activities to lobby policy makers and other leaders to support Ugandan writers and promote literary activities
c) Visiting schools & communities to promote reading and also sensitise them about FEMRITE activities
d) Carrying out Children Reading Tents (CRTs) in primary schools
e) Printing Dialogue stories from primary schools
f) Distributing promotional materials about womenââ¬â¢s literature
g) Holding annual literary festivals
h) Networking with other literary organizations and participating in their literary events such as conferences, workshops and book exhibitions
i) Lobbying for and participating in TV and Radio Book programmes for writers
j) Participation in international book fairs (Nairobi, Lagos, Frankfurt, Cape Town bookfairs)
k) Participation in Kampala Book Fair
l) Carry out Poetry Poster Project 4 for primary schools
m) Carry out a countrywide Poetry Poster Project 3 for secondary schools
n) Co-host public readings with the National Library of Uganda
o) Co-host Public Readings with National Book Trust of Uganda
p) Carry out sensitization workshops with secondary school teachers

Programme Five: Resource and ICT Centre
This includes:
a) Identifying, collecting and stocking relevant materials
b) Stocking books by African women writers
c) Soliciting book donations
d) Disseminating information about the Resource Centre
e) Lending books to members of FEMRITE
f) Availing reading materials to researchers and the reading public
g) Cataloguing bought/collected/donated materials
h) Providing members with space and facilities to write
i) Offering basic ICT Training to new members
j) Developing of Information Management Systems

Programme Six: Capacity Building
This includes development of the institutional capacity of FEMRITE through
a) Monitoring and identification of FEMRITE needs
b) Providing staff with staff development activities
c) Holding leadership skills trainings for executive Committee members
d) Development of policies and institutional building systems
e) Setting up a consultancy arm for creative writing training
f) Recruiting staff
g) Holding fundraising activities
July 30, 2014
Femrite AWDF Public Dialogue
Wednesday 30th July 2014, Femrite and African Women's Development Fund will host a Public Dialogue 3.30pm at Hotel Africana. Theme is African Women speak for themselves; What difference does it make? Panelists are; Theo Sowa - AWDFâs Chief Executive Officer,Mary Karooro Okurut - President and Fo ... read more
July 14, 2014
Uganda hosts the First Regional Non-Fiction Writing workshop for Women and the Yearly Femrite Week
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, 14th July 2014 Uganda hosts the First Regional Non-Fiction Writing workshop for Women and the Yearly Femrite Week of Activities From 21st to 31st of July 2014, the African Womenâs Development Fund (AWDF) in collaboration with Uganda Women Writers Association (Femr ... read more
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