Planned Programmes and Activities 2007/2011

FEMRITE programmes are especially designed to meet the needs of women writers in Uganda. FEMRITE is concluding her current activities which include;
Publishing, Resource Centre, Promotion of Reading, Networking and Capacity Building. Some of these have been integrated into the new strategic plan which has the following programmes and activities for 2007/2011

Programme One:

Developing women writers
The activities under this programme include:
  • Writers Residencies
  • Writing workshops
  • Publishing women's works
  • Readers Writers Club
  • FEMRITE Literary Award
  • Training in presentation/reading skills and personal empowerment, public speaking
  • Exchange programmes for writers

Programme Two:

Marketing, Lobbying and Advocacy
The activities under this programme include;
  • Advocacy activities to lobby policy makers and other leaders to support Ugandan writers and promote literary activities
  • Visiting schools & communities to promote reading and also sensitise them about FEMRITE activities
  • Distributing promotional materials about FEMRITE
  • Public readings
  • Annual literary festivals
  • Networking with other literary organizations and participating in their literary events such as conferences, workshops and book exhibitions
  • TV and Radio Book programmes for writers

Programme Three:

Resource Centre
This includes:
  • Identifying, collecting and stocking relevant materials
  • Disseminating information about the Resource Centre
  • Lending books to members of FEMRITE
  • Availing reading materials to researchers and the reading public
  • Cataloguing bought/collected materials
  • Soliciting book donations
  • Space and facilities for members to write
  • Basic ICT Training
  • Developing of Information Management Systems

Programme Four:

Research and Evaluation
This includes;
  • Development of evaluation and research plan
  • Research and evaluation activities
  • Dissemination of researched data
  • Documentation

Programme Five

Capacity Building
This includes development of the institutional capacity of FEMRITE through
  • Monitoring and identification of FEMRITE needs
  • Staff development activities
  • Training needs assessment
  • Development of performance management systems
  • Development of policies and institutional building systems
  • Setting up a consultancy arm for creative writing workshops