Operating Structure

General Membership;

The top management body of the organisation is the general membership. It is the policy-making body and approves all major decisions in the organisation.


Next in the hierarchy is the President of the organisation. This is an honorary position that the membership conferred upon the founder member of the organisation Mary Karooro Okurut. She provides advisory support to the general membership, the Executive Board and staff.

Executive Committee;

The Executive Committee is answerable and also reports to the General Membership. The Executive Board is charged with the duty of discussing major and policy related issues and bringing them to the General Membership for approval before they are passed and implemented. This Committee is comprised of the; Chairperson, Treasurer, General Secretary and two Committee Members.


The Administration Arm reports to the Board and is responsible for the implementation of the programme activities. It is headed by the Executive Director. Other staff members include Programme Officers for different programmes, Accounts Officer and one support staff. Volunteers from the General Membership are also called upon and assigned roles as and when need arises.

New Structure

A new structure has been proposed for the new strategic plan: 2007-2011