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Talking Tales
Author/Editor: Violet Barungi
ISBN: 978-9970-700-21-9
In Talking Tales, a variety of women tell their stories in prose and poetry. They cast their nets wide, hauling in themes that celebrate as much as they castigate and mourn. There is the delight of discovering oneself on the cusp of womanhood, and of hearing about success in the fight for women's emancipation. There is also the wonder at the restorative power of love. However, the murkier side of human life is explored too: the failed search for love, unwanted advances, misunderstood affinities try, incest, betrayal, disillusionment, unfruitful enterprise, domestic violence, corruption, brutality, injustice, the capriciousness of fortune... The realistic, the near-fantastic and the bizarre all find their place here. The themes are handled with forthrightness and humor as the writers take full advantage of the possibilities inherent in the different ways of telling tales: poetic, epistolary, expository, and straightforward narratives.
Pumpkin Seeds And Other Gifts
Author/Editor: Helen Moffet, Violet Barungi
ISBN: 978-9970-700-22-6
The names of those who peened the writings in this impressive collection alone tell half the story. They hail from different parts of Africa and from different cultures. They tell their stories in different modes - imodium akut They run the whole gamut - they tell of defiance, and spin hilarious tales of elopement and wry tales of despair, loss and lovelessness. Some of the poems lift up the heart, and peel back the blinkers that blind our eyes. There is the romantic, the macabre and the surreal. The writings never leave you indifferent - you are likely to take sides, to get angry, to laugh, to cry, and to think of a lot that goes on inside the human heart.
A Woman's Voice
Author/Editor: Mary Karooro Okurut
A Woman's Voice is the first short story anthology by Ugandan women writers. It has twelve stories that vividly illustrate the courage and endurance of Ugandan women in the face of hardships and social injustices. The women's feelings, thoughts and experiences recorded in this collection are real, instructive and inspirational. A must read for men and women, young and old.
Words From A Granary
Author/Editor: Violet Barungi
A collection of short stories by Uganda women writers which tell different stories and recapture different experiences. The stories explore different aspects of life and highlight issues of concern in contemporary Uganda.
You will find Words From A Granary an entertaining and fascinating collection.
Gifts Of Harvest
Author/Editor: Violet Barungi, Tsitsi Dangarembga
A short-story anthology that reflects the origins of life and antithesis - death - through tradition as opposed to modernity, through depredations and ravages of war, HIV/AIDS, marital infidelity, hunger and poverty. The anthology traverses broad literary territory both in terms of themes and styles. Here you will find the voices of women from different parts of Uganda joined together by a commonality of concerns.

Some of the twelve works published in this anthology have won prestigious literary awards and prizes in their individual capacities or have made it to the shortlists, making this collection the best of the best.

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July 30, 2014
Femrite AWDF Public Dialogue
Wednesday 30th July 2014, Femrite and African Women's Development Fund will host a Public Dialogue 3.30pm at Hotel Africana. Theme is African Women speak for themselves; What difference does it make? Panelists are; Theo Sowa - AWDFâs Chief Executive Officer,Mary Karooro Okurut - President and Fo ... read more
July 14, 2014
Uganda hosts the First Regional Non-Fiction Writing workshop for Women and the Yearly Femrite Week
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, 14th July 2014 Uganda hosts the First Regional Non-Fiction Writing workshop for Women and the Yearly Femrite Week of Activities From 21st to 31st of July 2014, the African Womenâs Development Fund (AWDF) in collaboration with Uganda Women Writers Association (Femr ... read more
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