FEMRITE publishes creative and thematic books written by Ugandan women
Type : Short Story Anthologies
Publisher: FEMRITE Publications Limited
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Title Farming Ashes

ISBN 978 9970 700 19 6
I Dare to Say Title I Dare to Say
A collection of five stories of varying experiences and style knit together by the storytellersdesire to speak out about HIV and AIDS in order to make a difference. Some of the narratives record unbearable tales of impression, of violence against women, blatant inequality and some are immensely personal. They are stories of commitment to a cause, and the realisation that HIV AIDS happens to real people.
Title A Woman's Voice
ISBN 9970 9010 3 6 (99pp)
Editor Edited by Mary Karoro Okurut
A Woman's Voice is the first short story anthology by Ugandan women writers. It has twelve stories that vividly illustrate the courage and endurance of Ugandan women in the face of hardships and social injustices. The women's feelings, thoughts and experiences recorded in this collection are real, instructive and inspirational. A must read for men and women, young and old.
Title Words From A Granary
ISBN 9970 700 02 2 (95pp)
Editor Edited by Violet Barungi
A collection of short stories by Uganda women writers which tell different stories and recapture different experiences. The stories explore different aspects of life and highlight issues of concern in contemporary Uganda.
You will find Words From A Granary an entertaining and fascinating collection.
Title Tears of Hope
ISBN 9970 700 02 2 (171pp)
Editor Edited by Violet Barungi and Ayeta Anne Wangusa
A collection of recorded experiences that reflect the pain and courage of Ugandan rural women. They talk about domestic violence, disinheritance and deprivation of widows and orphans, child custody, rape and defilement; tales that are only too common and accepted by society as a woman's lot and therefore, not worth a second thought.

The stories are poignant and sincere, and wil not fail to arouse feelings of compassion, anger and outrage even in the heart of the most cynical reader. The Anthology won The National Book Trust of Uganda Award 2004 (short story category)
Title In Their Own Words
ISBN 9970 700 05 4 (56pp)
Editor Violet Barungi
In Their Own Words is a true record of FEMRITE's first ten years of existence. It recounts some of the highlights of FEMRITE's historical journey since her inception in 1996, from the perspectives of the individual writers, in sincere, humorous, and very often, nostalgic tones. Through these superbly crafted pieces, a reader is enabled to accompany FEMRITE on her adventurous journey from a small group of women writes to one of the leading women writers' organisations in Africa.
Title Gifts of Harvest
ISBN 9970 700 04 2 (156pp)
Editor Violet Barungi - With an introduction by Tsitsi Dangarembga
A short-story anthology that reflects the origins of life and antithesis - death - through tradition as opposed to modernity, through depredations and ravages of war, HIV/AIDS, marital infidelity, hunger and poverty. The anthology traverses broad literary territory both in terms of themes and styles. Here you will find the voices of women from different parts of Uganda joined together by a commonality of concerns.

Some of the twelve works published in this anthology have won prestigious literary awards and prizes in their individual capacities or have made it to the shortlists, making this collection the best of the best.
Type: Poetry
Publisher: FEMRITE Publications Limited
Title The African Saga
ISBN 9970 9010 0 1 (95pp)
Editor Susan N. Kiguli
There are eighty-one striking poems in the first volume of the winner of the Editors Choice Award of the USA National Library of Poetry, and The National Book Trust of Uganda, Best Poetry Award, 1999. Kiguli's poems reveal a sensitive and lyrical response to events around her and her strong imagination allows a poem to develop through original but understandable language.

Susan Kiguli is one of Uganda's leading poets who started writing poetry while she was still at school. She has read her poetry at international book fairs, poetry festivals and conferences. However, it was the publication of The Africa Saga that situated her among the most exciting recent poets from Eastern and Southern Africa. Her second volume of poetry is to be published soon.
Title No Hearts at Home
ISBN 9970 9010 8 4 (99pp)
Editor Christine Oryema-Lalobo
Have you ever faced emotions of fear, anger, rage, bitterness and some kind of life-is-not-fair situation? Lalobo, in a string, harsh and provocative voice, points out the cancerous effects of war in her long poem. She exposes the anguish and torture of children in this volume, her major literary work.

Lalobo has written many thematic articles on women and development and contributes poems to local newspapers.
Type: Novels
Publisher: FEMRITE Publications Limited
Title Secrets no More
ISBN 9970 9010 5 2 (176pp)
Author Goretti Kyomuhendo
Kyomuhendo's second novel, won The National Book Trust of Uganda Best Novel Award 1999. Vividly and imaginatively written, it evokes a medley of emotions that include of outrage, repulsion, pity and admiration. Kyomuhendo is also the author of The First Daughter, a book that enjoyed immense popularity both inside and outside Uganda. Her third novel, Whispers from Vera was also received with acclaim by the public. Kyomuhendo also writes for children.

Kyomuhendo is an honorary fellow of the Creative Writing Department of the University of Iowa - USA.
Title A Season of Mirth
ISBN 9970 9010 6 0 (148pp)
Author Regina Amollo
A Season of Mirth is a manifestation of rural tranquillity and bliss, which evokes in a reader a longing for days gone by. It is packed with dramatic and comic experiences of real village life. Written in simple, proverbially embellished language, the story sparkles with liveliness. Amollo also writes for children.

Amollo is a paediatric nurse who writes in her free time.
Title Memoirs of a Mother
ISBN 9970 9010 1 X (82pp
Author Ayeta Anne Wangusa
Written in the first person narrative, Memoirs of a Mother is a deeply moving tale of a young Ugandan woman forced to trade the romantic idealism of her youth for a mundane marriage, based on conservative rules and obligations. To balance the need for social responsibility with the dictates of her heart leads to painful discoveries which finally force her to assert her individuality against oppressive social norms.

Ayeta also writes poetry.
Title Cassandra
ISBN 9970 9010 4 4 (251p)
Author Violet Barungi
Cassandra is a girl's statement on life and how to balance gender roles in order to positively transform society. It is an intricately woven and thoroughly absorbing tale, whose characters are presented in great depth and emerge as real people the reader can recognise and relate to.

Barungi is a novelist, short-story writer and playwright. Her first play, Over My Dead Body won the British Council Internatonal New Play writing Award for Africa and the Middle East Region 1997.
Title Silent Patience
ISBN 9970 9010 7 2 (220pp)
Author Jane Kaberuka
Silent Patience is a family saga which takes the reader through three generations of a Tutsi family. Kaberuka's vivid account of domestic life provokes thoughts about human emotions of love, pain and compassion, and raises questions about some of the traditional society values.

Kaberuka has written a number of other novels.
Title Shock Waves Across The Ocean
ISBN 9970 700 03 0 (165pp)
Author Bananuka Jocelyn Ekochu
Shock Waves Across the Ocean is an account of a network of women friends, going through experiences that bind then as friends and women and determine how they relate to other people. In simple and humorous language, Shock Waves Across The Ocean amuses and entertains but at the same time provokes age-old questions about life that people have been grappling with ever since the world begun. It was nominated for The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2006.
Title Paited Voices Volume 2
ISBN 97899700189 (165pp)
Author Femrite
Painted Voices Volume 2 is poetry from Femrite celebrating the enternal elements of the human drama:
love, both platonic and erotic, tenderness even when faced with the pain of loss; but, above all an enduring sense of hope.
A mosaic of new poetic Voice, the anthology also contains a sprinkling of established names making it uniquely suitable for young people and adult readers alike.
Title The Invisible Weevil
ISBN 9970 9010 2 8 (232pp)
Author Mary Karooro Okurut
A tale of compelling human interest, Mary Karooro Okurut's The Invisible Weevil is an ingenious translation of history into literary art. It is a fictionalised record of Uganda's past tragic national experience that spans decades of successive regimes. Political and gender concerns, which form the centre of the novel, are both humorously and sombrely presented.

Karooro Okurut, Founder Member of FEMRITE and her current President, is a celebrated novelist, playwright and columnist and was voted Uganda's Woman Writer of the Millennium by The New Vision Survey of 1999. She is also the author of The Official Wife, a novel that won The National Book Trust of Uganda Award 2004.
Title Farming Ashes

ISBN 978 9970 700 19 6
Yes, ashes can be farmed! Theses nine throbing personal tales of women from northern Uganda who have livedthrough and survived the LRA of theparadox of farming ashes to generate life, if that is all one is left.

Their tales of pain infused with incredible hope are personal testimonies of how life can sprout out of ashes. However riddled with contradictions the human person has capacity to rise above all forms of indignities.

Dominic Dipio (PhD)
Head of Literature Department
Makerere University

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